Light Painting

Light Painting is a technique used to light an image with a hand-held light during a long exposure. You may also see it referred to as Painting with Light. I do quite a lot of this.



Everything that I shoot depends on the dedication and talent of the models that I work with. These galleries showcases those I shoot most often.



Back in the days of film I shot a lot of Kodak HIE infrared. Since that was discontinued I've had a DSLR converted into a dedicated infrared camera.


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A few weeks ago, while navigating yet another airport, I bought a little Phillips Pico Projector to replace the ancient 35mm slide projector I used in the pregnancy images. It’s a palm sized, battery powered device that fits in the corner of my camera bag and can be used to create images like these of Shari and her own paintings. It lacks the charm of making a transparency but it’s a lot more flexible, so will see more use.

Hent - Model: <a href="">Shari</a>

Model: Shari



Some time ago I shot a series of leggings images. It was only planned as a 6 image series, but that quickly extended to 8 and then 10 shots of 12 friends. The images were posted individually when they were taken, but have never been posted together as intended. I’ve finally got round to making that composite image in advance of making some large prints.

The individual images are here: Leggings


Haze - Model: <a href="">Amy</a>

Model: Amy

New model gallery added for my friend Amy. Our first shoot was very creative and enormous fun.  Much of what we do is collaborative, so more interesting work to come from that partnership.

Her gallery is here: Amy


After far too long a break, I got Sharon back in front of the lens for some light painting and infrared shots, which is alway great fun and was very productive. After posting Portal and Emblem on Facebook I got a bit of a spike in traffic on her page here, so they’ve been popular images. More to come from her in the near future I hope.

Sass - Model: <a href="">Sharon</a>

Model: Sharon

Web Hits

Web Hits 03/15Recently this website hit half a million page views. Not a lot by most standards, but it set me to thinking about where those views are coming from. Surprisingly, the answer is basically everywhere. 190 countries.  All of the blue bits on this map. I’ve even had visits from Antarctica.

There are some blanks in West to Central Africa and Central Asia, and nothing from North Korea or Svalbard, but views from everywhere else. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Watching now to see when those blank spots fill in. Hello World! Hope to see you again soon.

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Clacks“Do you not know that a man is not dead while his name is still spoken?”

RIP Terry Pratchett.

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