Light Painting

Light Painting is a technique used to light an image with a hand-held light during a long exposure. You may also see it referred to as Painting with Light. I do quite a lot of this.



Everything that I shoot depends on the dedication and talent of the models that I work with. These galleries showcases those I shoot most often.



Back in the days of film I shot a lot of Kodak HIE infrared. Since that was discontinued I've had a DSLR converted into a dedicated infrared camera.


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Model: Mayhem

This weekend Mayhem came to pose for me and the results were spectacular. It’s amazing what you can do with a £10 torch, a glow stick, a funny hat and a great model. We’re already planning more shots. You can see the rest of her images in her gallery.

The Gray Room


Last week my friend John Gray kindly invited us along for a test shoot at his new studio, The Gray Room, in Bridgeton. So with Meg modelling and Sarah also shooting, we went along for a look.

Studio 1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStudio-3GrayRoomShoot_3

The studio has four Bowens Gemini flash heads as well as great daylight from windows on two walls, that can be controlled with both normal and blackout blinds. There are Colorama paper backgrounds on two walls in a variety of colours, as well as seating, makeup table, editing, printing and coffee facilities. A great space.

We shot for a couple of hours, resulting in these images from me.


It’s going to be a regular shoot space for me. John can be contacted via his website: The Gray Room.

DaveMc, June 16



Shari came back into the studio for with a bag of interesting stuff. She knows me well enough to know that interesting is a hat, a corset and a gun with a Bang! flag in it. As always she was immensely patient with the interminable faffing that accompanies me trying to find the shots that I know are there. This is what we made.


Declivity – Model: Shari 


Pause – Model: Shari 



Model: Milky

Model: Milky

On Monday I shot Milky for the first time in a few years, and took a couple of infrared images with my old Nikon D100. Looking at these images one thing is abundantly clear. Equipment really doesn’t matter.

The model matters. The light matters. The idea matters. The execution matters. But the camera? My D100 is 15 years old. It has a resolution of 6 megapixels. It was good in its day, but that day was over a decade ago now. The lens was a mid range Nikkor zoom, the 24-85mm f/2.8-f/4 AFD.

Any DSLR you buy now will be better than this setup. OK, mine is infrared converted (a simple internal low-pass filter change), which is why I still use it, and I really should replace it. But it takes images like this one, and that’s hard to dislike.

The moral of the story is don’t worry about your gear. I have better cameras and far better lenses. They don’t take better photographs.  

Taking shape

More glue

More glue

I’ve now glued sides and the bed onto the rear standard, and after a bit of a panic about the orientation of the crossbar on the top, I’m happy that everything is lining up as it should. The holes for the focusing spindle had to be enlarged slightly with a 4mm drill, but that appears to be by design as it allows for a good friction fit. I still don’t have enough clamps.  

Camera bed

Camera bed

Focusing spindle

Focusing spindle


Bulldog-8x10-4Gluing has begun. First lesson: buy more clamps. This’ll be much quicker with more clamps.