Domain Mirror and WordPress 2.8

I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.8.4 and Domain Mirror is working without any issues.

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5 comments on “Domain Mirror and WordPress 2.8
  1. Pascal says:


    I Use WP 4.0 and WPML and it looks that Domian Mirror does not work correct

    I try that in the url should run for the following domain current
    and 1. domain 2. domain

    but it allways shows only the current domain.

    All the best, Pascal

    • DaveMc says:

      Pascal, it almost certainly doesn’t work anymore. I’ve not used it for years and it was originally based on a bit of trickery with the way WordPress worked at the time do decode incoming URLs.

  2. 2 Brent Wallace & Dave
    Do you run plugin on WP3.5 multisite or what are you use?

    • DaveMc says:

      I haven’t developed or used the plugin for quite some time, but it never worked with WP MU. I know that it still works with 3.6, but I believe there are issues with the admin interface. I think the last time I configured it I had to use the text file option.

  3. Brent Wallace says:


    Does the Domain Mirror plugin still operate on WP_3.5?
    Specifically will it work on a multisite install?

    Nice photos also!

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