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The Gray Room

Last week my friend John Gray kindly invited us along for a test shoot at his new studio, The Gray Room, in Bridgeton. So with Meg modelling and Sarah also shooting, we went along for a look.

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Shari came back into the studio for with a bag of interesting stuff. She knows me well enough to know that interesting is a hat, a corset and a gun with a Bang! flag in it. As always she was

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On Monday I shot Milky for the first time in a few¬†years, and took a couple of infrared images with my old Nikon D100. Looking at these images one thing is abundantly clear. Equipment really doesn’t matter. The model matters.

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Taking shape

I’ve now glued sides and the bed onto the rear standard, and after a bit of a panic about the orientation of the crossbar on the top, I’m happy that everything is lining up as it should. The holes for

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Gluing has begun. First lesson: buy more clamps. This’ll be much quicker¬†with more clamps.

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Bulldog 8×10

So after many years of procrastination I’ve finally decided to get into 8×10 photography, primarily to shoot tintypes and wet plate collodion. After hunting for a vintage or second hand modern camera on eBay for a while, I decided to

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