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Domain Mirror – possible changes

I’ve just been somewhat surprised to see Domain Mirror at position 586 on a list of the top 1000 most downloaded WordPress plugins. This has reminded me that I have a new version that allows different post categories to be shown on each site. If anyone is interested in testing it give me a shout.

I’ve also been looking at updating the ancient version that’s posted in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but because of the way the repository packages things I would need to rename it so that it will automatically install into the correct directory. There would also be issues with the file being overwritten during updates unless I can figure out how to detect it’s presence from within the plugin.

Both of these issues are likely to cause breakage with the first auto-update, so if you’re using the plugin let me know and I’ll make sure you have an updated version before I update the repository. That way I can avoid breaking mirrors all over the place.

ZZ Top

¬†One of the greatest disappointments of my musical life was the day I bought the ZZ Top album Tres Hombres on CD. What I heard on that disc wasn’t really the same album that was released on vinyl; it had been remixed and re-effected to make it sound more like their current post-Eliminator sound.

In its new form the whole album is bathed in a thick reverb that hides a lot of the detail. The original sounds like the band are in the room with you; the new version sounds like they’re playing in the tiled bathroom next door. Possibly inside a locked filing cabinet. Hopefully with a sign on the door saying “Beware of the leopard.” I took that CD straight back with a horrified look on my face.

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I seem to have fixed my rendering problems with IE6, but for some reason I can’t get my embedded Animoto video to show in that browser. Grumble.

One interesting statistic from Google Analytics is that Firefox is by far the most common browser used to visit my site. This is A Very Good Thing.

  • 58.41% – Firefox
  • 24.09% – Internet Explorer
  • 10.34% – Safari

Internet Explorer Woes

I just discovered that my home page doesn’t render properly in Internet Explorer 6. I don’t use Internet Explorer at all and the only Windows system I use regularly runs IE7, so I hadn’t noticed. So I guess it’s time to fire up Parallels and test things in as many browser configurations as possible. Oh joy…


Today I discovered Animoto, an online service that produces something rather special – slideshows from your photographs that aren’t boring.

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Domain Mirror & WordPress 2.7-RC1

I’ve now been running WordPress 2.7-RC1 here for several days and have had no issues with my Domain Mirror plugin – so if you’re planning an upgrade you shouldn’t have any problems.