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Brain dumps


After documenting my collection of cameras, I’ve just done the same thing for the lights that I use for my light painting work. They can be found in the Lights Gallery (under Techniques in the main menu) with each image

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been photographing my collection of cameras. They’re now in their own gallery¬†and each image here is linked to the camera that took it – click on an image and you’ll find the link

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On Wednesday my latest eBay purchase finally arrived from the Ukraine – A LOMO Sputnik stereo TLR. It’s basically two Lubitels fused together – a Bakelite monstrosity with all the light leaks, shiny internal surfaces and dodgy engineering familiar to

Univers d’Artistes

I’ve just had the pleasure of being interviewed for Univers d’Artistes, the blog of Carrie Leigh’s NUDE magazine. Univers d’Artistes interview A big hello to everyone who has found my site from there.

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I’m going to be working in Nottingham for the next couple of weeks if I can get there through the snow tomorrow. So I’ll be spending my evenings in a hotel room with no internet access, which should at least

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ZZ Top

One of the greatest disappointments of my musical life was the day I bought the ZZ Top album Tres Hombres on CD. What I heard on that disc wasn’t really the same album that was released on vinyl; it had

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