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Brain dumps


I seem to have fixed my rendering problems with IE6, but for some reason I can’t get my embedded Animoto video to show in that browser. Grumble.

One interesting statistic from Google Analytics is that Firefox is by far the most common browser used to visit my site. This is A Very Good Thing.

  • 58.41% – Firefox
  • 24.09% – Internet Explorer
  • 10.34% – Safari

Internet Explorer Woes

I just discovered that my home page doesn’t render properly in Internet Explorer 6. I don’t use Internet Explorer at all and the only Windows system I use regularly runs IE7, so I hadn’t noticed. So I guess it’s time to fire up Parallels and test things in as many browser configurations as possible. Oh joy…


Today I discovered Animoto, an online service that produces something rather special – slideshows from your photographs that aren’t boring.

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Not very popular in Wyoming?

I was showing someone Google Analyitics yesterday, and when I pulled up the Map Overlay screen and drilled down to the USA I saw this. For the last month I’ve had hits from every single United State except one. Now in truth I’m astonished that I’m getting hits from so many places – my site isn’t exactly high bandwidth – but there’s still a little paranoid bit in the back of my head that really wants to know what I did to offend Wyoming…

Space Navigator

I added a new gadget to my desktop last week – a Space Navigator. For those with an interest in obscure old gaming controllers, it’s a bit like a desk-mounted SpaceOrb – a little puck that you can push and twist on its base to input movement in 3 dimensions (pan, zoom and rotate).

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DIY Radio Shutter Release

 As I’m primarily a lightpainter, I do a lot of work in dark studios, and as a result, trip over things a lot. In an effort to reduce this laughter-inducing behaviour I built a radio shutter release for my camera. My models are now less entertained, but I’m that little bit more efficient, and slightly less bruised. Click the link below for construction details.

DIY Radio Shutter Release