What’s this all about?
I’m a photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland (that’s me on the left) working with light painting, infrared and alternative lighting.

My main areas of expertise are tripping over things in the dark and losing things in the studio, particularly lens caps and torches (although I still maintain that aliens move them when the lights are out).

Light painting is a fairly specialised technique, using hand held lights to light the subject during a long exposure. The light is essentially “painted” into the image in a dark studio. There’s a more comprehensive explanation of the technique here: Lightpainting Tutorial, and a basic intro here: ¬†Light Painting with Basic Equipment.

Roller Derby

In the last few years I’ve been shooting Roller Derby. You can see that work on my other site, Bout Day, and my¬†studio based images in the Rollergirls gallery.

Contact me

For enquiries, questions, comments or just to say hi, you can contact me with the form on this page, or send me an email at