This is an ongoing a now completed series of 10 images, with the models photographed wearing different patterned leggings. It started largely because I know so many people with a huge liking for vibrantly patterned leggings, and was intended to be another 6 image series. It rapidly expanded to 9 and then 10 images.

2 comments on “Leggings
  1. Peter Harris says:

    Hi! I found my way here via Liverpool Rollerbirds and the excellent set you did with Furness. Awesome set of light painted images, congrats. How long typically does it take to complete one? I ask as I wonder how long the model had to hold the handstand for. 🙂

    • DaveMc says:

      An exposure is usually about 30 to 40 seconds, with the model holding the pose for a bit longer than that while things are set up, but a shot like that can take 5 or six takes to get right, so it might take anything up to half an hour. Sarah probably has a better memory that I do of how long she actually spent upside down, but it was almost certainly longer than I remember.

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