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I think the switch on my faithful old Duracell torch may be failing, as the brightness seems to be somewhat variable these days. It’s not the batteries or the bulb, so I may, sadly, have to retire it and buy a new one. It did, however, manage to produce this image of Joanna with what little luminance it has left:


I’ve decided to have a go at making some albumen prints, so I spent the evening breaking eggs and separating the white from the yolk. Having witnessed the fate of a good dozen of its fellows, one egg made a valiant and slippery bid for freedom, flew across the kitchen and attempted to hide in a cupboard. This resulted in a considerable amount of swearing and the unscheduled washing of a stack of plates. The egg did not survive.


Went out shooting 5×4 with McInnes at the weekend and managed, with some skill, to tip my KMZ Horizon out of my camera bag onto the only piece of concrete for miles. It’s externally unmarked, but sadly no longer works. It a fit of optimism I removed the front of the case last night and discovered that it appears to have a carriage clock inside. Time to visit a camera repair shop that will fix cheap Russian clockwork. Anyone know of one?