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New Cameras

X-A1I haven’t updated the blog here in a while despite having posted quite a lot of new images in the last couple of years, so it’s time to start doing that again. Recently I’ve come round to John Gray’s way of thinking about small cameras. I recently bought a Fuji X-A1 and and added an 18mm f/2 lens, and have been very impressed by it. DSLR sized sensor and image quality in a very small, unobtrusive package with a tilting screen for waist-level and overhead shooting. I’m pretty sure it will be a very capable light painting camera when travelling light. Now all I need to do is add the Samyang fisheye.


 Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been photographing my collection of cameras. They’re now in their own gallery and each image here is linked to the camera that took it – click on an image and you’ll find the link at the bottom. There are now also individual galleries for the images taken with the Canon 5D, Nikon D100, Nikon F100, Shen Hao HZX45-IIA and the Holga 120GN