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 When I first got hold of some electroluminescent wire I wanted to use it for a guitar shot. It took me a while to get around to it, and when I did I discovered that stringing a guitar with EL wire isn’t really that easy. Who would have guessed. Once it was ready Fuchsia played it for me and Sian did the makeup.


 Chrissie arrived in Glasgow for a weekend of shoots with this gloriously mad black and red tutu in tow. Over the weekend she also shot with McInnes, Monkeytwizzle and Simon Pole, and everyone got to shoot the tutu. This is my take on it, but if you poke around the interwebs you may find some of the others.

Fun with LEDs

I decided to try using white LEDs as a primary light source to create more of a contrast to my usual warm incandescent light. Chelsea Darling graciously agreed to be my experimental model, and we spent a couple of hours sticking them to her fingers to see what would happen. The light wasn’t nearly as harsh as I feared, and produced a wonderfully soft skin tone. More experimentation to come with this sort of lighting.

Corra Linn

Last weekend I went in search of landscapes with Ian and Sarah. This is usually a fruitless exercise as the weather and the fates always conspire against us – most effectively on the day we went to Bute to photograph a wrecked fishing boat. Not only did it rain solidly the entire day, but when we got there we discovered that the wreck had been removed a couple of months previously. Luckily we’re all boneheaded enough to not let a lack of success spoil a day out, so on Sunday we went to Corra Linn. Predictably, it started raining as soon as we got there, so we sat under an overhang until the sun came out. This was the result.


This is Denise’s dragon – and as no self-respecting mythical serpent should be denied the ability to set things on fire, I decided to lightpaint in a little fiery breath. No models were singed in the making of this image…

What is lightpainting? It’s the art of lighting photographs with flashlights and other small, hand-held lights. If you’d like to give it a try you’ll find a tutorial here: Lightpainting Tutorial 

DIY Radio Shutter Release

 As I’m primarily a lightpainter, I do a lot of work in dark studios, and as a result, trip over things a lot. In an effort to reduce this laughter-inducing behaviour I built a radio shutter release for my camera. My models are now less entertained, but I’m that little bit more efficient, and slightly less bruised. Click the link below for construction details.

DIY Radio Shutter Release