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One from a shoot at the weekend with my friend J in her new corset. Shot on some very expired Polaroid 125i pack film with my Shen Hao 5×4 field camera. Originally conceived as a light painted image, it became a Polaroid when I discovered I hadn’t brought any memory cards to the studio. A rather fortunate accident.

Scott Church

Last Saturday I attended a workshop run by Scott Church at The Roost in London. I met a lot of great people and shot some interesting images (shown below).

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Dee’s Corset

Dee wanted some pictures in her new corset, and asked me to shoot them. So for her first time as a model she not only had to deal with my long-exposure shots and cramp-inducing poses, but had to do so in a corset and heels. Thankfully she survived, and with these results. I think they may have surprised a few people.