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 After previously posing with Slain Austen for one of roller girl images, Hazard came back into the studio with her Ibanez bass to pose for one of my guitarist lightpainting images. After rigging the bass with EL wire and taking that shot we took a backlit shot that I described at the time as awesome and creepy. As Hazard did all of the awesome so I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for the creepy.


Lead Jammer

It seemed like it was time to include a Zebra in one of these images, so here is Commander Bond jam reffing for Meg 4 Mercy. Studio assistance, and possibly revenge, by Glasgow Roller Girls teammates Fighting Torque and Love Hurts.

Thanks particularly to Meg for holding that pose for *so* long. You’re a star; that’s why you have that star on your helmet panty so often.


 Back to a two skater image for this one; Fighting Torque on the right and Love Hurts on the left. Even when she’s blocking, Torque never stops smiling. Studio assistance provided by Glasgow Roller Girls teammates Meg 4 Mercy and Sinéad.

Special thanks to Meg for pointing out that sometimes backwards is better.


 A while back I spotted a green furry guitar in the hands of the Nanobots and decided I just had to shoot it with green electroluminescent strings. I got both Jim and Shona into the studio and, with much use of cable ties, tape and the odd profanity, we wired up their guitars up with red, blue and green strings.

As they are both more than half robot, they had little problem staying still for the extended exposure times that this stuff requires, and my thanks goes to them both for their enormous patience and awesome stage outfits.

Go check them out here: Nanobots


 Very occasionally I get the chance to shoot an image that has been rattling around in the dark recesses of my brain for ages. In this case I really wanted to take a long-exposure shot of a pole-dancer spinning round a pole while covered in lights that would leave a trail in the air as she moved. The only problems were that I didn’t know any poledancers and I didn’t have access to a pole.

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 When I first got hold of some electroluminescent wire I wanted to use it for a guitar shot. It took me a while to get around to it, and when I did I discovered that stringing a guitar with EL wire isn’t really that easy. Who would have guessed. Once it was ready Fuchsia played it for me and Sian did the makeup.