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 Having survived her first light painting shoot, a portrait with her sister, Sharon kindly agreed to come back and pose for some of the images that had been rattling around in the back of my head since that first shoot, and did a great job helping to translate those ideas into reality. We shot some light painting, some Lensbaby and some infrared, and I discovered a rather fantastic new light – a little LED torch that my friend Stephen gave me – that I used to light both Fixation and Checked.


 After much delay, being too busy, and schedules not quite meshing, I finally got Sharon (right) and Lin (left) into the studio to take the pair of portraits that we’ve had planned for ages (shown here as a single image). It was Sharon’s first time in the studio and so, me being me, I threw her right in at the deep-end with a standing light painting pose. All went to plan and much fun was had by all. More to come from both in the future I hope.


 Very occasionally I get the chance to shoot an image that has been rattling around in the dark recesses of my brain for ages. In this case I really wanted to take a long-exposure shot of a pole-dancer spinning round a pole while covered in lights that would leave a trail in the air as she moved. The only problems were that I didn’t know any poledancers and I didn’t have access to a pole.

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 Chrissie arrived in Glasgow for a weekend of shoots with this gloriously mad black and red tutu in tow. Over the weekend she also shot with McInnes, Monkeytwizzle and Simon Pole, and everyone got to shoot the tutu. This is my take on it, but if you poke around the interwebs you may find some of the others.

Chrissie Red

I went on a trip up to Perth last weekend to work with the fabulously talented Chrissie Red. She hardly got cramp at all, despite me posing her in in some particularly awkward locations, and she was somewhat disappointed that I only fell over once and she missed it, so had one less opportunity to laugh at my antics.


Catching up with some backlog stuff. These images are from a recent shoot with Lottie, and helped me to finally get to the bottom of my infrared colour problem: why some images have a blue cast, and some a purple one. It seems it’s all down to the raw conversion. Nikon = blue, Adobe = purple. So now you know…