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Lead Jammer

It seemed like it was time to include a Zebra in one of these images, so here is Commander Bond jam reffing for Meg 4 Mercy. Studio assistance, and possibly revenge, by Glasgow Roller Girls teammates Fighting Torque and Love Hurts.

Thanks particularly to Meg for holding that pose for *so* long. You’re a star; that’s why you have that star on your helmet panty so often.


 Back to a two skater image for this one; Fighting Torque on the right and Love Hurts on the left. Even when she’s blocking, Torque never stops smiling. Studio assistance provided by Glasgow Roller Girls teammates Meg 4 Mercy and Sinéad.

Special thanks to Meg for pointing out that sometimes backwards is better.


The incomparable Jackash skates rings round the competition with her new Poison equipped Vanilla Brass Knuckles. Studio assistance by her Glasgow Roller Girls teammate Meg 4 Mercy.

Part of an ongoing series. Many more to follow.


 Well here is the next image in the rollergirls series. If one rollergirl is good, then two can only be better so I give you Slain Austen (rear) and Chemikill Hazard (front) of the Glasgow Roller Girls executing a maneuver known as a whip. One skater slingshots another past opposing skaters.

Studio assistance for this electroluminescent whip was provided by teammates Wild Oates and Sykes. Thank you ladies.

Venus Velocity

Shooting roller girls is always fun, but usually they’re whizzing past me at breakneck speed and merrily knocking lumps out of each other. So for a change if pace I like to drag them into the studio and shoot them on the dark where they can’t move as fast. It’s a bit like putting a hood over a falcon. This week I had the great pleasure of shooting Venus Velocity from the Glasgow Roller Girls.

We decked her out in purple electroluminescent wire (she likes purple) and, ably assisted by my friend Sharon, she wheeled around the shot I had in my head – and nailed exactly the look I wanted.

I’m really loving this stuff, so watch this space for more roller girls soon.


 A while back I spotted a green furry guitar in the hands of the Nanobots and decided I just had to shoot it with green electroluminescent strings. I got both Jim and Shona into the studio and, with much use of cable ties, tape and the odd profanity, we wired up their guitars up with red, blue and green strings.

As they are both more than half robot, they had little problem staying still for the extended exposure times that this stuff requires, and my thanks goes to them both for their enormous patience and awesome stage outfits.

Go check them out here: Nanobots