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Corra Linn

Last weekend I went in search of landscapes with Ian and Sarah. This is usually a fruitless exercise as the weather and the fates always conspire against us – most effectively on the day we went to Bute to photograph a wrecked fishing boat. Not only did it rain solidly the entire day, but when we got there we discovered that the wreck had been removed a couple of months previously. Luckily we’re all boneheaded enough to not let a lack of success spoil a day out, so on Sunday we went to Corra Linn. Predictably, it started raining as soon as we got there, so we sat under an overhang until the sun came out. This was the result.

Falls of Clyde

On Saturday night I took my Canon 5D out to the Falls of Clyde with McInnes to do some more night shooting. We had made the same trip (in the dark) the the previous weekend, but as I had only my 5×4 with me the best I managed to do was fall down a hole while attempting to lightpaint a ruin. This time out I shot the falls instead, but managed not to fall in.

Landscape lightpainting

Last Sunday I dug out my big torches and went over to Lanark to do some night shooting with McInnes. I discovered that my DIY radio shutter release can trigger my 5D from further away than I can hear, so I’m going to have to put an LED to the thing so that I can tell that the shutter has really opened. Had great fun running around in the dark, lighting trees and bridges with the 3.5 million candle-power light.


Went out shooting 5×4 with McInnes at the weekend and managed, with some skill, to tip my KMZ Horizon out of my camera bag onto the only piece of concrete for miles. It’s externally unmarked, but sadly no longer works. It a fit of optimism I removed the front of the case last night and discovered that it appears to have a carriage clock inside. Time to visit a camera repair shop that will fix cheap Russian clockwork. Anyone know of one?