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Fun with LEDs

I decided to try using white LEDs as a primary light source to create more of a contrast to my usual warm incandescent light. Chelsea Darling graciously agreed to be my experimental model, and we spent a couple of hours sticking them to her fingers to see what would happen. The light wasn’t nearly as harsh as I feared, and produced a wonderfully soft skin tone. More experimentation to come with this sort of lighting.


A cople of weeks ago I dusted off my old Nikon FE and shot some Kodak HIE infrared of Skin. I finally got around to processing and scanning it and, as expected, it’s made her blonde. Infrared film does the strangest things.

More Polaroid fun

Finally got around to doing my first shoot of 2007 – with the utterly fabulous Skin. Shot some more Polaroid 679 and did some on-the-spot watercolour-paper transfers – always fun.

Still have the Kodak HIE infrared to develop, but that’s a job for later in the week.


Shot Sammie B on Friday night, and decided to avoid digital entirely – so I took my Shen-Hao 5×4 field camera and a big pile of Polaroid film. I’m finding the learning-cure with this stuff to be quite steep, but did manage to take one shot that I’m pretty pleased with.