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GatsbyBefore they were married we’d been talking about a shot of Alix and Marty, but time wasn’t on our side. So recently we managed to sort out our schedules and took this one next to Glasgow Cathedral.

It was the first outing for my Gitzo carbon fibre tripod too. A great new toy that’ll make travelling with the tripod a lot easier.

Scott Church

Last Saturday I attended a workshop run by Scott Church at The Roost in London. I met a lot of great people and shot some interesting images (shown below).

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Infrared Nikon

As a result of Kodak’s decision to discontinue HIE High Speed Infrared film, I finally decided to have my Nikon D100 modified to make it a full-time infrared camera. The results are very different to those that I’m used to getting with the infrared film, but I’m really having a lot of fun with it. These shots of Denise are from my first studio shoot after the conversion.


I’ve taken several shots that incorporated projected images, but these have always involved creating a transparency in advance as I used an old 35mm slide projector. With this shot I used a laptop and a digital projector, which allowed me to shoot the projected image on the spot and made it easy to re-shoot it to suit the final image. Thanks to Ellie for her patience as both model and projection screen.