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My friend and once regular model, Sarah, decided it was time to come back into the studio and model for me again. So I dug out some of the organza fabric and we set about taking this shot. She held this pose, with an upside down head, six times while I did my usual thing and tried to get the lighting just right. It’s one of my favourite images in a long time. It’s good to have you back in the saddle Sarah.

Wild Oates

 Last week I shot my friend Sarah who, as her alter-ego Wild Oates, skates for the awesome Glasgow Roller Girls. I wired her up with electroluminescent wire and battery packs, gave her a couple of glow-sticks and let her skate around the studio in the dark.

By a miracle neither of us bumped into, tripped over or slipped on anything – probably more of a miracle for me than her, and she was on wheels.

More of these to come I hope if I can find some more willing victims.

Corra Linn

Last weekend I went in search of landscapes with Ian and Sarah. This is usually a fruitless exercise as the weather and the fates always conspire against us – most effectively on the day we went to Bute to photograph a wrecked fishing boat. Not only did it rain solidly the entire day, but when we got there we discovered that the wreck had been removed a couple of months previously. Luckily we’re all boneheaded enough to not let a lack of success spoil a day out, so on Sunday we went to Corra Linn. Predictably, it started raining as soon as we got there, so we sat under an overhang until the sun came out. This was the result.