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Shari came back into the studio for with a bag of interesting stuff. She knows me well enough to know that interesting is a hat, a corset and a gun with a Bang! flag in it. As always she was immensely patient with the interminable faffing that accompanies me trying to find the shots that I know are there. This is what we made.


Declivity – Model: Shari


Pause – Model: Shari

Shari’s degree show


Model: Shari Shari’s painting: sharithingsandstuff

My friend, artist and occasional model Shari‘s degree show starts next week. She’ll be exhibiting the paintings that we used in the projection images of her in her modelling gallery here. The show is open on weekdays from the 4th to the 11th of June 2015 at the City of Glasgow College City Campus (North Hanover Street) with a preview on the evening of the 4th from 6-8pm.

More details can be found at her site, sharithingsandstuff.


A few weeks ago, while navigating yet another airport, I bought a little Phillips Pico Projector to replace the ancient 35mm slide projector I used in the pregnancy images. It’s a palm sized, battery powered device that fits in the corner of my camera bag and can be used to create images like these of Shari and her own paintings. It lacks the charm of making a transparency but it’s a lot more flexible, so will see more use.

Hent - Model: <a href="">Shari</a>

HentModel: Shari



TrothModel: Shari

Continuing the corset theme, Shari’s 2nd trip into the studio produced this infrared shot, as well as a lightpainted image with the big mirror. There may also be a Polaroid to come, but I’m still weighing that up agains a digital image of the same pose.  Still not sure which is the better, but there can be only one.