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Basic Light Painting

If you want to have a go at light painting but don’t have a lot of high-end equipment, have a look at the Light Painting with Basic Equipment article in the Techniques section. It covers basic light painting using a compact camera and a cheap plastic tripod.

Light Painting with Basic Equipment


DIY Radio Shutter Release

 As I’m primarily a lightpainter, I do a lot of work in dark studios, and as a result, trip over things a lot. In an effort to reduce this laughter-inducing behaviour I built a radio shutter release for my camera. My models are now less entertained, but I’m that little bit more efficient, and slightly less bruised. Click the link below for construction details.

DIY Radio Shutter Release

Lightpainting Tutorial

I’ve been meaning to write up a lightpainting tutorial for a while now, but didn’t really think it was worthwhile without some behind-the-scenes example shots – so when I was in the studio shooting this image of Jay last Friday, I took some. Click on the image or the banner above to view.