Here you’ll find some ramblings on the photographic techniques and equipment that I find useful, particularly if I haven’t been able to find the information elsewhere and had to resort to working things out for myself.


Nikon FE

My camera collection. You can never have too many cameras.


Duracell Explorer

These are the main lights that I use for my light painted work. They are all quite cheap and readily available

Light Painting with Basic Equipment

Low End Light

A short tutorial on beginning light painting with basic equipment.

Lightpainting Tutorial


A short tutorial on lightpainting: How to shoot a figure nude in the studio using a flashlight as the only source of light.

DIY Radio Shutter Release

How to build a radio shutter release for cameras with an electronic cable release connector.

Orbital Processor Film Modification


This is a simple modification for the Paterson Orbital Paper Processor to allow the processing of sheet film.