Not very popular in Wyoming?

I was showing someone Google Analyitics yesterday, and when I pulled up the Map Overlay screen and drilled down to the USA I saw this. For the last month I’ve had hits from every single United State except one. Now in truth I’m astonished that I’m getting hits from so many places – my site isn’t exactly high bandwidth – but there’s still a little paranoid bit in the back of my head that really wants to know what I did to offend Wyoming…

5 Comments on “Not very popular in Wyoming?

  1. Never mind maps…do you ever look at the search terms people use when they find your blog? Mine range from amusing to confusing to really worrying. The people searching for the worrying stuff must be really disappointed with my blog.

  2. So that’s the reason, there’s only one guy in Wyoming, and he just visited your site.. hello “J” from Wyoming!

    greetings from northern Mexico!

  3. You didn’t do anything to offend Wyoming. Here I am!

    Nice site btw!

    It was actually kind of strange to click thru to your page and even see the word “Wyoming” most people don’t know we
    even exist.


  4. mate, they’ve heard what you get up to in the woods at nighttime. it seems they have a lot of woods. An abundance of them indeed. Either that or they saw a picture of you ….. with the hat on 😛 ‘we don’t do girlieboys are these parts’

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