These shots are from a recent shoot with India, taken just before she moved back to Poland from Aberdeen. All are daylight, with the exception of Eidolon – which is a single-exposure, move-the-model shot, lit with an incandescent modelling light and a torch. I recently discovered the work of Alexey Titarenko – truly outstanding stuff, so I keep trying to think of ways to add movement to my images.

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4 Comments on “India

  1. Oh yea, it’s about time we got out and had a Big Adventure. I have some ND filters and everything for using long shutter speeds while the big fiery ball thing is in the sky.

  2. thats interesting. I’ve been looking on ways to add movement into images too after learning a load of new film based stuff. Have found some neat techniques – may need to have a movement day out 😛

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