Internet Explorer Woes

I just discovered that my home page doesn’t render properly in Internet Explorer 6. I don’t use Internet Explorer at all and the only Windows system I use regularly runs IE7, so I hadn’t noticed. So I guess it’s time to fire up Parallels and test things in as many browser configurations as possible. Oh joy…

2 Comments on “Internet Explorer Woes

  1. Damn internut exploder. Even my simple little portfolio site had me tearing my hair out while trying to make it ‘work’ in all browsers.

    • My latest blog post had made one of my columns too wide and bad things ensued. I have that sorted out, but further testing has revealed that my site appears to be a Large Print Edition in IE5, which may not be fixable without completely changing my WordPress template. Given the current low number of IE5 hits I’m getting I probably don’t need to worry about it though.

      It also seems that my Animto video doesn’t show up in IE6. Still not sure why.

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