┬áVery occasionally I get the chance to shoot an image that has been rattling around in the dark recesses of my brain for ages. In this case I really wanted to take a long-exposure shot of a pole-dancer spinning round a pole while covered in lights that would leave a trail in the air as she moved. The only problems were that I didn’t know any poledancers and I didn’t have access to a pole.

The I met Jade. Not only can she poledance, but she also has a pole.

So we duly wrapped her in electroluminescent wire (battery powered) and she spent a rather energetic hour throwing herself around the pole in the dark. I gave her a very specific pose, and hitting it at the end of her spin was incredibly challenging.

After a few attempts she nailed it perfectly and I got the shot I wanted. It’s good when a plan comes together.

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4 comments on “Pole
  1. DaveMc says:

    @Michael Currin
    She was lit with a Duracell flashlight at the end of the exposure.

  2. *and body of the pole one?

  3. Looks great. Did you use a single burst of flash or a flashlight or something at the end of the exposure for her face?

  4. Jon McAleavy says:


    I have to say that this is one of my favourites, it looks immense!

    Such talent.

    Take Care


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