After documenting my collection of cameras, I’ve just done the same thing for the lights that I use for my light painting work. They can be found in the Lights Gallery (under Techniques in the main menu) with each image containing a link to a gallery of the images taken with that light.

As with the cameras, each light painted image on the site now has a link to the light that lit it at the bottom.

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3 comments on “Lights
  1. DaveMc says:

    White LEDs have a strange colour spectrum – they’re not particularly flattering on skin, so I tend to avoid them. For a neutral colour balance you’re far better using an regular bulb and setting an incandescent colour balance.

    Your mileage may vary of course, so experimentation is key.


  2. Will says:

    Can any one tell me the Negative and Positive for using LED or normal globe Maglights?
    I know they give off a different color but are leds worse for painting a subject?

  3. mcinnes says:

    I thought you were going into a line in adult entertainment there for a moment

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