The Man has passed judgement on my work… I can live with that.

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So I took a punt and installed Gutenberg here and set about reformatting the pages and recoding my layout plugin to use blocks. It all seems to work, but it’s a little sparsely documented and still has a few rough …

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Gray Room Workshop

So I’m doing a thing in November at The Gray Room in Bridgeton with Rebecca Wyman Modelling. Should be a fun day.

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A year ago my friend John Gray opened his studio, The Gray Room, in Bridgeton. On the 29th of July the studio is having an open day. Come along for nibbles, good bants and a studio demo. The images I’ve …

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Some Animoto fun with my current work.

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For a while now just over half of the visitors to have been coming from mobile devices and the image lightbox I was using, Fancybox, wasn’t really mobile friendly. It pops up a little window, and you really don’t …

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