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It was the first outing for my Gitzo carbon fibre tripod too. A great new toy that’ll make travelling with the tripod a lot easier.

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In the last couple of months I’ve been getting back into music photography. I’ve shot Je$us Loves America, Hansel und Gretyl and the Nanobots. The lighting is challenging, but low light is kinda my thing, so hopefully there will be

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Despite vowing to do so I’ve not been keeping the blog here updated. Social media is the enemy to this sort of thing. So time for some catch up. Back in July, Habs came back into the studio to model one

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The full set is here: JLA

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The full stet of images is here. Wullie

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A few weeks ago, while navigating yet another airport, I bought a little Phillips Pico Projector to replace the ancient 35mm slide projector I used in the pregnancy images. It’s a palm sized, battery powered device that fits in the corner

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