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Working with Polaroid material in the field can be a bit hit-and-miss, particularly when attempting transfers in the cold – it seems to always end up as a sticky, but colourful mess. Last time out I tried using warm water to wet the paper and so bring everything up to temperature, which seems to work quite well.

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Finally got around to doing my first shoot of 2007 – with the utterly fabulous Skin. Shot some more Polaroid 679 and did some on-the-spot watercolour-paper transfers – always fun.

Still have the Kodak HIE infrared to develop, but that’s a job for later in the week.

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Shot Sammie B on Friday night, and decided to avoid digital entirely – so I took my Shen-Hao 5×4 field camera and a big pile of Polaroid film. I’m finding the learning-cure with this stuff to be quite steep, but did manage to take one shot that I’m pretty pleased with.

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