Together - <a href="">Sharon</a> & <a href="">Lin</a>

After much delay, being too busy, and schedules not quite meshing, I finally got Sharon (right) and Lin (left) into the studio to take the pair of portraits that we’ve had planned for ages (shown here as a single image). …

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Apposites Attract - Camera: <a href="">Nikon D100</a>

I went on a trip up to Perth last weekend to work with the fabulously talented Chrissie Red. She hardly got cramp at all, despite me posing her in in some particularly awkward locations, and she was somewhat disappointed that …

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Drapery - Camera: <a href="">Nikon D100</a>

You could say that this was one of those images that nearly didn’t happen. I last worked with Lelly 6 months ago during her pregnancy – you’ll find the image I took in the Pregnancy gallery – and I’ve been meaning to shoot her again ever since.