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Chrissie arrived in Glasgow for a weekend of shoots with this gloriously mad black and red tutu in tow. Over the weekend she also shot with McInnes, Monkeytwizzle and Simon Pole, and everyone got to shoot the tutu. This is …

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I went on a trip up to Perth last weekend to work with the fabulously talented Chrissie Red. She hardly got cramp at all, despite me posing her in in some particularly awkward locations, and she was somewhat disappointed that …

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Catching up with some backlog stuff. These images are from a recent shoot with Lottie, and helped me to finally get to the bottom of my infrared colour problem: why some images have a blue cast, and some a purple …

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Another shoot with the infrared Nikon D100, and the strongest case yet of the blue hair effect. The camera is fitted with an internal infrared filter that isn’t 100% opaque to visible light, so although it’s now primarily a monochrome …

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Finished working through the digital images from Tuesday’s shoot with Lyn, and completed this one. It’s lit through the same piece of glass that was used in Oblique – always an interesting way to add some texture to the light. Time …

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I shot Lyn for the first time yesterday – mostly lightpainting, but also a little 5×4 work that’s destined for albumen printing when I can find a good quality paper that doesn’t react badly to the sensitiser.

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