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Some Animoto fun with my current work.

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In the last couple of months I’ve been getting back into music photography. I’ve shot Je$us Loves America, Hansel und Gretyl and the Nanobots. The lighting is challenging, but low light is kinda my thing, so hopefully there will be …

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New model gallery added for my friend Lin. Our first shoot was very creative and enormous fun.  Much of what we do is collaborative, so more interesting work to come from that partnership. Her gallery is here: Lin

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Continuing the corset theme, Juno’s 2nd trip into the studio produced this infrared shot, as well as a lightpainted image with the big mirror. There may also be a Polaroid to come, but I’m still weighing that up against a …

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Over the last couple of years I’ve photographed may fantastic people, and although all of those images are posted here, I’ve never really grouped their images together in one place. The shots tend to get split across different galleries at different times, which doesn’t really show …

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 Very occasionally I get the chance to shoot an image that has been rattling around in the dark recesses of my brain for ages. In this case I really wanted to take a long-exposure shot of a pole-dancer spinning round …

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