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When I first got hold of some electroluminescent wire I wanted to use it for a guitar shot. It took me a while to get around to it, and when I did I discovered that stringing a guitar with EL

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Chrissie arrived in Glasgow for a weekend of shoots with this gloriously mad black and red tutu in tow. Over the weekend she also shot with McInnes, Monkeytwizzle and Simon Pole, and everyone got to shoot the tutu. This is

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Today I discovered Animoto, an online service that produces something rather special – slideshows from your photographs that aren’t boring.

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Another shoot with the infrared Nikon D100, and the strongest case yet of the blue hair effect. The camera is fitted with an internal infrared filter that isn’t 100% opaque to visible light, so although it’s now primarily a monochrome

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Infrared Light Painting

You could say that this was one of those images that nearly didn’t happen. I last worked with Lelly 6 months ago during her pregnancy – you’ll find the image I took in the Pregnancy gallery – and I’ve been meaning to shoot her again ever since.

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Dee’s Corset

Dee wanted some pictures in her new corset, and asked me to shoot them. So for her first time as a model she not only had to deal with my long-exposure shots and cramp-inducing poses, but had to do so

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