This is Denise’s dragon – and as no self-respecting mythical serpent should be denied the ability to set things on fire, I decided to lightpaint in a little fiery breath. No models were singed in the making of this image…

What is lightpainting? It’s the art of lighting photographs with flashlights and other small, hand-held lights. If you’d like to give it a try you’ll find a tutorial here: Lightpainting Tutorial

3 Comments on “Dragons

  1. I have been looking for pictures of dragons(good ones) so that I could put them in my picture file on my phone. This picture would like to get a better shot of, it looks really COOL. I have always liked everyhting about dragons Art or anything about them. This picture here looks like the tattoo is alive on the persons body breathing fire. GREAT JOB

  2. Josh,

    It’s a photograph of a tattoo on the model’s thigh. Lightpainting refers
    to the way that it was lit, and the way that the “flames” were crated –
    i.e. with a small flashlight bulb during a long exposure.

    There’s another photograph of the model in the Infrared gallery, where you
    can see the positioning of the tattoo.


  3. what is it on? is it a tattoo or just a painting? it does look really awesome though. it’d be cool if you wrote back

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