Hazard - <a href="http://mcaleavy.org/models/hazard/">Hazard</a> in <a href="http://mcaleavy.org/projects/audiogram/">Music</a>

After previously posing with Slain Austen for one of roller girl images, Hazard came back into the studio with her Ibanez bass to pose for one of my guitarist lightpainting images. After rigging the bass with EL wire and taking …

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Whip - <a href="http://mcaleavy.org/models/hazard/">Hazard</a> Series: <a href="http://mcaleavy.org/projects/rollergirls/">Rollergirls</a>

Well here is the next image in the rollergirls series. If one rollergirl is good, then two can only be better so I give you Slain Austen (rear) and Chemikill Hazard (front) of the Glasgow Roller Girls executing a maneuver …

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