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 It’s always great to work with a new model, and on Monday I had the pleasure of shooting Meg for some of my lightpainting and Lensbaby work. She didn’t laugh too hard when I almost broke my neck tripping over

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Having survived her first light painting shoot, a portrait with her sister, Sharon kindly agreed to come back and pose for some of the images that had been rattling around in the back of my head since that first shoot,

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These shots of Fuchsia were taken with my Lensbaby Composer. I’ve always been a fan of Lensbabies and the Composer makes shooting with one much more controllable. Perhaps a little slower than the 3G for some things, but it stays

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Catching up with some backlog stuff. These images are from a recent shoot with Lottie, and helped me to finally get to the bottom of my infrared colour problem: why some images have a blue cast, and some a purple

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