Mania - <a href="">Jess</a> Series: <a href="">Leggings</a>

After finishing up Translucence, the search was on for another image series. I know a lot of the people who have a fondness for brightly patterned leggings, so that seemed like a good option. Jess kicked this off with Mania.

Apricity - <a href="">Quinn</a> Series: <a href="">Translucence</a>

With Kirsty as model, yellow did indeed become the 5th colour in this series – after a brief, but futile, attempt to get a deep blue fabric to work. Only later did I realise that the light I was using, …

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Lunate - <a href="">Sharon</a> Series: <a href="">Translucence</a>

This image of Sharon is the 4th image in my ongoing Translucence series and, as with the others, the colour of the fabric has been a big part of making each image unique. The only complication has been that the …

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