Fun with LEDs

I decided to try using white LEDs as a primary light source to create more of a contrast to my usual warm incandescent light. Chelsea Darling graciously agreed to be my experimental model, and we spent a couple of hours sticking them to her fingers to see what would happen. The light wasn’t nearly as harsh as I feared, and produced a wonderfully soft skin tone. More experimentation to come with this sort of lighting.

4 Comments on “Fun with LEDs

  1. This is the best lightpainting and artist photo I have ever seen. Congratulations! This is thinking, imagining, producing…
    My goal is take shots like your arts.

  2. Your pix are really cool, and this one: Wow!!!!
    Could be helpful for beginners like me if you could give the exif info, and describe the method you use to make such beautiful pix!

  3. I would say you could experiment on me but you’d run a mile 😉
    Looks cool, and Def shows a lot of potential with the different types of light
    and the ffects it gives, be interesting to see diferent LEDs used…

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