I’ve taken several shots that incorporated projected images, but these have always involved creating a transparency in advance as I used an old 35mm slide projector. With this shot I used a laptop and a digital projector, which allowed me to shoot the projected image on the spot and made it easy to re-shoot it to suit the final image. Thanks to Ellie for her patience as both model and projection screen.

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  1. Hey man… when I saw those photos I shocked cos I started use the projection effect two years ago and I liked too much but I stoped to do it because as you say you, you have to design it very good to do it and my intention was to create something looks like bodypainting but easier. I´ve just buy a digital video projector but i haven´t test it yet. I´ll try it these days and I´ll show you how it goes.

    This is the result of my first shoot with the 35mm projector.

    I´m from Aguascalientes Mexico, check more of my work in

    and tell me your opinion to

    See you, soon. Leon

  2. Just having a wee wander round, like one does, this is fascinating, I don’t think I fully understand how it was done, but the result is excellent.

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